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Another Diagnosis (Or Two) For My Ever-Expanding Collection

Now that I’ve gone over some of the updates, we can move onto the big news: a new diagnosis that brings together tons of symptoms I never thought could be connected. For over a decade, I’ve been dealing with seemingly unconnected symptoms, from incredibly painful menstrual periods to chronic migraines to dizziness/light-headedness. Prior to speaking with my current GP, I had no idea these symptoms even could be connected; I thought there were lots of little things wrong with me, with no overarching cause.

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An Introduction to Ability, Identity, and Me

Ability, Identity, and Me – I Might Be Autistic Content warning: depression, burnout, death, eating disorder • • • • • • • • • • I didn’t grow up calling myself ‘disabled’. Until college, I’d never given a second thought to academic accommodations or my relationship to disability. I would have known if I… Continue reading An Introduction to Ability, Identity, and Me