About Me

Photo of Camille looking over their shoulder toward the camera.

A Little About Me

I’m Camille! I’m an autistic, nonbinary content creator. Although I am, of course, more than the sum of identity categories that I hold, I find that it’s useful to introduce said identities in order to paint a full picture of who I am.

If you want to know more about me, check out my YouTube channel!

In addition to creating content online, I run an Etsy shop where I share my art. I specialize in fiber arts, including hand embroidery, and sewing.

Autism & Disability

Being autistic is integral to understanding me because the two cannot be separated. I was officially diagnosed with autism rather late in the game (only earlier this year!)

Although my medical diagnosis was fairly recent, I had self-diagnosed over 2 years before I was able to access medical diagnosis. With a medical diagnosis came huge amounts of validation, empowering me to claim the labels autistic and disabled more publicly.

All Things Vintage

One of my special interests is historical fashion. I personally like to dress in the fashions of the 1940s and ’50s, but I love to learn about many eras.

In addition to dressing in vintage-style clothes, curling my hair in ’50s style brings me huge amounts of joy! Keep an eye out for hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube!


Well, not exactly. I identify as agender femme, meaning that I don’t feel ties to any gender at all, but I present in a very feminine way. While I do dress in traditionally feminine ways, this does not define my gender identity!

My pronouns are they/them.


Yes! My preferred word to describe my sexuality is queer.

However, my fiancĂ© and I just got engaged! We’re cute and gay and in love! Naveen (my fiancĂ© – that’s fun to write!) runs a newsletter where they talk about gender, race, and all sorts of other fun things.